Intuitive technology with built-in centralized communication to ensure SLAs compliance and effective cost management.

Keep control, pay on time, outsource and delegate work, stay reliable.

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Sweven adapts to your usage patterns, empowering Workflow Optimization and Automation, Vendor Management & Efficient Invoicing

Workflow automation and optimization

Automate your tasks for reliable management of all your work. 

Vendor Management

  • Build an tiered pool of self-enrolling vendors.
  • Guarantee SLA compliance based on your criteria.
  • Monitor the quality of dispatched work.

Client and Vendor invoicing

Tie your work to an invoice seamlessly. Send and receive invoices in a user-friendly platform.

Main Features


Quickly upload & distribute work to your vendors and staff using Zapier integration between Sweven and the following apps:

Effortlessly integrate your operations with external systems, enabling you to manage all your work orders from a single, centralized platform.

Uses Cases

Are you struggling to generate and keep track of all pending maintenance tasks?

Work orders are essential for efficient operations, serving as a foundation for organized labor and delivering quality service to clients. This ensures everyone is well-informed about actions taken and their reasons.

Are you struggling to generate and keep track of all pending maintenance tasks?

By using the Created Date filter, you can focus on recently issued work, allowing for a time-framed perspective on open versus resolved orders. Additionally, the system allows for the prioritization of work orders, ensuring urgent tasks receive prompt attention.

Would you like to know how your business is performing at any time of the day, week, or month?

Taking the real pulse of the operation

So much is offered regarding Analytics. But any sort of Business Intelligence should really be drawn from operations data compared with industry efficiency metrics. At SWEVEN we have 30+ Dashboards helping you get the info you need to make the right adjustments. Only then Analytics is helpful.

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Tyler Jensen

Project Coordinator

SWEVEN is a simple tool that everyone can access and find the information they need..

Hawthorne Services

Larry Smothers

Project Coordinator

It can be used with iPhones, tablets and laptops. It is always adapted to your needs.

Hawthorne Services

Bill Allen

Blackson arrow

SWEVEN helps me track
construction projects, email updates, creates financial reports and more.

Hawthorne Services