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How to choose the perfect CMMS for your company

Choosing the right CMMS software for your company is not something to be taken lightly. Your CMMS must show your service orders, CLIN, and contracts at real time. Make yourself these 10 questions before choosing the right CMMS software for your company:

  1. Are you satisfied with the existing maintenance procedures, such as inbound calls, work orders, preventive maintenance, and dispatch lifecycle?
  2. Is the right worker behind the project? Most CMMS projects fail because they are not driven by the right employee.
  3. What do you want to track with the CMMS?

– Track the project and protect your investment?

– Do you want to track maintenance costs?

– Will you use the system to control documentation, such as scanned and manual plans?

– What about the administration and project planning?

  1. Who will use the system?

– Only one person, such as the maintenance planner or the supervisor

-All technicians


-Service Orders team



  1. What kind of reports do you expect from the system?
  2. Would you like to send information to your client?
  3. Who are the people who will do the task, what is their understanding level?, do they have the experience to be able to help you with the task?
  4. Do you need integration with existing business systems?
  5. Do you need solutions without printed documents as portable devices?
  6. Do you need monitoring integration based on conditions?


In most cases, it is prudent to stick to a standard system and keep personalization to a minimum. Keep in mind that heavily-customized systems are harder to maintain. When choosing a CCMS software, be sure to specify what you want it to do and not how, since this would end up being a very expensive solution. If your CMMS system is not working as it should and is getting too expensive, consider another CMMS system like ECOBPM, which is a software system that works with AWS Cloud and Mobile along with Social and Geolocation technology, this system of Employees, Field Techs, Vendors, Partners, and Clients, wherein each of them can access their data in their own way.

Do not buy a system that won’t do the required task and has other features you don’t need. CMMS packages require work and it is very important to choose the appropriate system that will do what you need it to do.

When human beings and technology interact successfully, it is when we can achieve maximum productivity. With a good CMMS, your organization can reduce downtime and increase profits. By investing in the right solutions today, your business will be ready for a lifetime of greater success and competitiveness within the global marketplace.


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