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IoT data is a red-hot subject in facilities management, but sometimes it gets lost how exactly its impacting our industry.

Here are a few specific areas where IoT data has been the most game-changing in my experience:

– HVAC Systems: Monitoring temperature, humidity, and air quality in real-time. 🌡️
– Elevator Maintenance: Predicting when those elevators might need a little TLC. 🏢
– Lighting Efficiency: Maximizing energy savings by adjusting lighting based on occupancy. 💡
– Security Systems: Keeping a watchful eye on premises through video surveillance. 📹
– Fire Safety: Ensuring smoke detectors and fire suppression systems are always ready. 🔥
– Energy Usage: Tracking power consumption for efficient operations. ⚡
– Asset Management: Keeping tabs on the health of equipment and machinery. 🛠️

Have I missed anything? Leave a comment below if you have found IoT data to be the most useful, I’d love to get more thoughts from people.

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