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Online Maintenance Management Tool
Why is management software found in every minor/major business nowadays?

CMMS in our opinion the goals are to make your maintenance operation more efficient and to improve equipment reliability and generally subsequent availability while reducing maintenance costs and opportunity costs to the company as a whole.

All organizations require different features your organization requires? All tasks like service orders and corrective maintenance should be generated by the management system.

Most CMMS systems focus on maintenance expenses such as labor and spares and track opportunity cost. This can be whatever the maintenance manager needs it to be, however, we use it to track production losses due to equipment downtime. For example, if a machine breaks down and a product has to be remade or is lost how are these losses accounted for? They are not necessarily maintenance costs but they do, in many cases, affect the bottom line of the organization adversely and are a direct result of an equipment failure.

Reporting is also essential to know where efforts and resources should be focused for the best overall resulting in improvements in reliability, spare expenditures, personnel resource allocation, and downtime reduction. Very briefly, a good CMMS software frees up the manager by automating repetitive task assignments and provides powerful reporting and analysis to not only save the manager time but improve the bottom-line operations for the entire company.

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