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Sweven is now available at AWS Marketplace

As the first CMMS listed on AWS Marketplace, Sweven is providing the best tools for facilities maintenance and project management, supported by AWS Technology.

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, September 9, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Created by experts with more than 12 years in the computerized maintenance industry, Sweven, the game-changer workflow management system used by Fortune 500 companies, is now available at AWS Marketplace.

With the launch of Sweven on this platform, hundreds of users will be able to try the product employed by leading companies in just a couple of clicks, using their AWS accounts.

Built on Amazon Web Services architecture, Sweven is the answer for newcomers and mid-sized companies in need to harness the full potential of their workflow and, at the same time, the best ally for multinational companies and government contractors to reach operational efficiency. Starting at $19 /per user/per month, Sweven allows you to be in complete control of your operations by providing tools like Automated PM, Workflow Pipeline, List Manager, Project Scheduler, Geolocation, Mobile App and Metric Intelligence, among others.

While the average CMMS is only focused on assigning work orders and giving updates, Sweven is perfectly able to provide a comprehensive set of features to manage end-to-end processes, with a special aim to Work Efficiency, Preventive and Reactive Maintenance.

If Control, Communication, Intelligence and Data Security are valuable characteristics for your company, Sweven is the system that you are looking for.

Over the years, we have been working for Fortune 500 companies. We believe the best way to keep providing the best service is by working with the leaders of cloud computing.” — Jorge Canal, Founding Partner of Sweven

For questions or business inquiries, please contact:


Juan Sandoval ECOBPM, LLC.

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