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Work Order Management

Sweven's work management platform is designed to help organizations get the most from their employees. 

Organizational workflow is critical for the production and growth of organizations around the world.


Sweven Work Management Platform

Our work order management platform is designed to create clear communication channels between employers and employees. In an era that's learning the infinite benefits of tech, our platform makes it easier for every team member to be on the same page.

You too can run an efficient workplace void of missed deadlines and poor communication. With proper work order management, you too can unlock a new level of efficiency within your team and company. 


We've all had to refer back to our notes to jog our memory. Including notes on the management system was a brilliant idea no doubt. Notes are vital for keeping updates on the current work order. It also serves as a very efficient way of keeping everyone on the team (clients, vendors, and on-site staff included) informed on what actions have been taken and why. 

Work Orders

When creating a Service Order essential fields must be updated before a word order can be created. It has been designed to limit the ambiguity that is common with most other management platforms. 

Tracking Work Order Lifecycle

Work orders are the backbone of any company's effort towards organized labor, operations control, and good service for its clients. Tracking the work order life cycle provides a clear picture of what orders have been created, are in progress, and have been completed. 

Sweven work order management
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