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Collaboration between trades can unlock a host of benefits

For example: as electricians, your expertise is invaluable to our clients, but what happens when they need services beyond your scope, like plumbing for example?

This is when you should set up your own referral network so you can ‘own’ the client relationship throughout all of their needs.

Let’s run with the plumbing example. What do you gain?

Comprehensive Service: By recommending a reliable plumber, you help ensure your clients’ diverse needs are met promptly and professionally.
Strengthen Client Trust: Demonstrating that you have your clients’ best interests at heart, even beyond your immediate services, builds lasting trust and loyalty.
Mutual Referrals: Establishing a referral partnership with plumbers can lead to reciprocal referrals, expanding your client base.

How to Make it Work
Choose Wisely: Ensure the plumbers you refer share your commitment to quality and customer service.
Communicate Clearly: Let your clients know why you’re recommending a particular plumber and how they can benefit.
Follow Up: Check in with your clients to ensure they were satisfied with the plumbing service, reinforcing your role as a trusted advisor.

By referring a plumber, you’re not just solving a client’s immediate problem; you’re enhancing your value proposition and building a network that supports growth and client satisfaction. It’s a simple step with the potential for significant impact.

Let’s discuss: Have you experienced the benefits of cross-trade referrals? Share your stories!

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