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Enterprise Workflow Automation – Making Life Easy

ECOBPM is the perfect assistant of all service providing companies, ensuring the smooth functioning by managing the enterprise workflow automation proficiently. Using the commonly available AWS Cloud and Mobile along with Social and Geo-location technology, this system develops a network of employees, field people, vendors, partners and clients, wherein each of them can access the data in their own way and makes life easy. The only requirement of ECOBPM is a browser or Smartphone. Its Cloud platform makes it easily able to integrate itself with any financial package or third party application, giving your organization an upper hand over its competitors.

ECOBPM is software with an air of freshness. It is the first of its kind product, which has been created with an intention to make like easy for those at the management level. The developers of this product have partnered with people who have 20 years of experience in technology and facilities management. This ensures that ECOBPM comes with a promise of sure growth and prosperity for your company.

Low Installation Cost

This software uses Amazon Cloud Services, guaranteeing services far and wide, multi- regions, thorough security, daily auto-backups, Media storage for pictures and videos. And the storage capacity could be increased as per further requirements of the company, hence enabling auto growth on demand. No additional servers or equipment are to be installed, reducing maintenance cost and extra installation expenses.

Incorporating All Aspects

ECOBPM has a detailed interface that touches each feature of the functioning business, guaranteeing improved efficiency. The advance tools of this software enable the completion of each task successfully, sending notifications of the same to all concerned people at different levels of the organization.

Much of the paperwork is reduced due to the automated processes of this system. Incomplete task can be accessed and followed, dipping dependencies to a great extent, making the business several folds more efficient than that of others.

Management’s Delight

Managing companies and contact details becomes much easier with ECOBPM. It permits your company to smoothly manage sites and project details. Upcoming projects can be notified by using simple forms.

ECOBPM makes the floor management of the business easier. It provides solutions to various management related problems arising at different levels of the company. It assists in initiating quick and efficient work orders. The simple interface of the software makes it usable even for the non-technical user, thus saving time and making the company more competent.

Check on Employees

ECOBPM allows companies to keep track of employees. Those in the office, at field jobs, in the market, i.e. all employees at different levels of the business and in different parts of the world, can be tracked. The Geo-location system enables makes continuous supervision possible.

Organized Network

This client friendly software allows total control of business processes, creating work orders, scheduling jobs, inventory control, site management and much more. A company can easily have a centralized place to manage business operations using this software.

ECOBPM speeds up business processes using the well-provided network of people and resources. The maps make geo-based search for work fast and convenient. Using the cloud, sharing info, accessing data and uploading of important files, etc becomes quick and effortless.

Customer Orientation

ECOBPM comes with a promise of improving efficiency and accessibility. It can be used by clients and vendors (connected to the company) via Smartphone’s and Tablets. This way it keeps them continuously connected with the company. They could send regular messages, upload important information, make required changes in deals, and receive continuous updates from the company and much more.

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