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SWEVEN – Digital Business Process Management

Orlando, FL., October 20, 2020

Sweven, a cloud-based service running in Amazon Web Service architecture, is a platform that allows Facility Managers and contractors to have better control, communication and distribution of their regular workflow. Productivity can be boosted up to a 40% compared to a regular Excel Spreadsheet management. Next gen tools available at the tip of your fingers at www.swevenbpm.com

ECOBPM with more than 12 years of experience in the Facilities Management areas, developed from the ground up a new tool, completely cloud based, and especially, affordable for the newcomers and business trying to have a better control over their assets, and technicians either on site or on field.

For as low as $19 per user in the basic plan, you can take advantage of all these features and more. You can manage all your documentation, update in real time the orders for your technicians or vendors, and especially keep track of your expenses and your regular budget. This means not only savings of time, but in money. You’re investing in a tool that is going to make your business get to the next level.

Our team is an Amazon Web Services expert, meaning you can get the best of the cloud, especially tailored for business needs in Facility maintenance. When we say it’s better than a regular CMMS is because you can take advantage of this tool in many areas like billing, analytics, CRM, real-time updates for techs and more. All based in the cloud, meaning connectivity 24/7 with an uptime of 99.9%. It’s the perfect bridge of communication between your clients, and the techs and vendors that you have to choose from.

Sweven is also helpful if you’re a big contractor or in charge of multiple areas. You can take advantage of the call center tool, where you can create Quick Orders in less than 2 minutes, so it can be dispatched. See a detailed view of your business and how efficiently it is running, giving you plenty of room for you to detect your opportunity areas and act on them. Sweven now has gone beyond work/service orders. It is an ecosystem where Clients, Vendors, Contractors and Technicians are now interacting digitally. This workflow has gone beyond FM as well, now other industries can benefit from it.

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